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2007.Pachatusan Inkari copyPlease consider leaving a Living Legacy

Can you think of a better legacy to leave to those you love – Imagine leaving a legacy that transforms the world, preserves indigenous wisdom, helps restore our earth, and heals the damaged relationship between humans and the natural world, extending your values and spirituality long into the future.

Please call Kim Hughes, US Operations Manager, call toll free: (877) 314-3778 or email at to discuss arrangements.

Memberships: Join Our Global Sacred Community!

Membership provides opportunities to assist in building and sustaining a global community that values the great heritage, traditions and wisdom of the indigenous people who have been stewards of our planet. It is an opportunity to bridge the ancient technologies of the spirit with a re-envisioning of our modern world. THOTH is an effective catalyst for positive change in the world. We intend to be a global leader in teaching the cross-cultural Shamanic arts. By becoming a member, you are consciously stating that you support that positive change in your community and our world.

0826141340254_advEditor_Fire_ceremonyWhy become a THOTH Member?

  • Membership strengthens the life force of the whole.
  • Like a single drop of rain that falls into a fresh body of water, your membership reverberates outward. Your commitment strengthens the ability of our organization to fulfill our shared visions for the planet.
  • Membership connects you with the rich traditions of indigenous people and their wisdom teachings.
  • Your membership allows access to newsletters, educational emails, live teleconferences with founder Oscar Miro-Quesada, workshops, conferences and a vast network of indigenous elders and traditional musicians.
  • Membership offers opportunities to both financially support and actively participate in our projects in the Amazon.
  • Membership is a choice to become part of a sacred community.
  • As you continue to make connections with members and strategic alliances, your global community network broadens. If you need an introduction or a resource, please let us know how we can help. Contact: Kim Hughes, US Operations Manager at

We invite you to be a part of our powerful plan to create positive change in the World through education and programs in the Earth-honoring Shamanic Arts.


Your membership will help:
Expand our Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Shamanic Arts Program. Support training new teachers as well as developing new short courses to reach broader communities with these life changing teachings.

Continue Phase II of SIPAPU. This includes a full-time caretaker, the construction of additional residential units, showers and a dining area which will accommodate the immersion of 14 visitors in sustainable living, deep ecology and permaculture practices. SIPAPU is emerging as a site for spiritual practice and deep communion with the wonders of the rainforest.

Join our Global Sacred Community, where we unite as one human family living in harmony with the Earth and her inhabitants.

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