by Chakuna Machi Asachakunamachiasa7

Chakuna has studied indigenous
shamanic wisdom and is a part of an ancient spiritual
wisdom traditional Peruvian lineage with Don Oscar
Miro-Quesada. This song is in honor of this native
ancestral wisdom tradition.”I started learning about
the Mesa from an honored teacher when I was only
about 16 or 17 so being culturally connected
to the energy and teachings of this tradition from that
early of an age it makes me feel that it deeply contributes
to who I am today. Not to mention all the visions that
have flooded in of before I was born being connected to
the tradition then too.”

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Chakuna’s most recent album of earth honoring songs

Chakuna Machi Asa is a composer, singer, and producer
of sound healing music, chakra music, new age music,
ambient music and world spiritual music. Chakuna Machi
Asa de Provident Manitou, her spiritual name, means
“Ancestor, Healer of the People from the All-Knowing
Great Spirit”. Chakuna is a transformative sound healing
artist with practice in the ancient tradition of overtone
chanting and shamanic drumming. She skillfully uses sound
vibrations to activate the awakened natural state of
universal being and inspire personal transformation.