An Evening with don Oscar and The Shift Network. An event held in Hollywood, Florida on July 26, 2015, submitted by Mona Rain

AYLLUKUNA “CONSCIOUSNESS STRUCTURES MATTER” a declaration from our basic apprenticeship guidelines for the Pachakuti Mesa (Tradition) Curandero/Curandera. For me, a guiding principle to bring “An Evening with don Oscar” into “Matter” from a conscious thought and heart offering to the community at large in South Florida. The Evening of sacred gathering “arranged itself” in the akashic field, weaving and creating the placements of matter in it’s various forms.  Day by day, refining the light particles in an incredible offering for those who came to witness our beloved maestro don Oscar, his wife Cindy, and our own sparkling Shift Amy (Mermaid) Isakov!  What an incredible blessing to Pachamama’s sons and daughters in the wider community,  and the sacred land that the Center for Human Development was created upon.

OscarCelso2-crThe gathering was a great success, standing room only, over 120 guests in attendance, and we regrettably had to turn others away! The event awakened many in this area to their Re- Membering! A Peruvian woman that felt the vibrations strongly in her body, cried as don Oscar let her wear his poncho as they spoke. Another Peruvian man in the audience was impacted strongly. As don Oscar opened sacred space, he instantly was catapulted into an altered state of consciousness, and his vista was opened as he witnessed don Celso Rojas Palomino’ s spirit working through don Oscar for the rest of the evening. He personally had not met don Oscar, and knew little of him & had no idea who don Celso was!

If you look at the picture of don Oscar sitting with his poncho, I do believe you can see don Celso in his auric field.
Several in the audience were gifted spiritual clearings with don Oscar for our understandings & observance of traditional practices. Questions were humbly and expertly acknowledged.

Don Oscar spoke about the traditional lineages he carries, his mentors & how these teachings are now being offered globally through the Shift Network, reaching far more people on this shamanic earth walk than he had ever imagined. Uniting, (and) carrying the traditions forward across Pachamama’s lands, as his maestros “smile” at him. Amy reminded us that their on-line offering of “The Universal Shaman Course(s)” IS THE ONLY WAY to have a private apprenticeship with don Oscar (at this time) in these teachings!

Graciously, don Oscar offered to sign his book, “Lessons in Courage“, and before leaving, offered his blessing to the small but growing apacheta – that is expanding daily with many offerings of stone relatives & haywas from our brothers and sisters, ayllukuna, and passer-bys from around the world. Kanchay, Munay, Pachamama, Hunuy!

apacheta7_26_15Awareness of our consciousness-raising, global Shift Network & our own sparkling Shift (representative) Amy Isakov greeted our South Florida community.  Thank you for your loving presence once again, being our Course Manager and coming in person to the event!  I still see you standing there holding that staff… impressionable!

On a personal note, it was a very special honor for me to have my two amazing daughters & both of my grandchildren witness and participate in this live event & meet don Oscar and Cindy Miro-Quesada, and Amy!  They have sat in circle with me many times, experienced and witnessed “magical moments” gifted from the Spirit realms and Pachamama. Incredible to have them with me on that special evening, and witnessing for the next generations they are a strand of consciousness in. I remember mid-way through the “Advanced Intensive” in 2014, I stated it was a dream of mine to have them meet don Oscar in person and sit in ceremony with him.  LANGUAGE STRUCTURES REALITY… LOVE STRUCTURES LIFE… Dreams do come true!

mona-rain-0915Much gratitude & love to ALL seen and unseen who contributed, attended & sat in sacred space together.
MUNAY,   Mona Rain