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As the fourth season, Autumn, is in full manifestation
and the new year is approaching, I like to do this lovely
breathing technique of gratitude, release and renewal. 

Gently close your eyes, slow your breathing, in and out
with ease, no conscious thought of the breath. The
restrictions and pressure of your body and mind subside.

With your out breath (expiration) – you gift your worries,
concerns, fears to the Mother
then pause your breath – and feel

With your in breath (inspiration) – take in the Mother’s love

Your expiration is – re-membering

Your pause – brings re-uniting

Your inspiration – is re-igniting

Your expiration – releases expectation

Your pause – brings expression of self

Your inspiration – brings introspection

Your expiration – releases the past

Your pause – is being in the present

Your inspiration – opens to the future

With your expiration – give thanks for the blessings in the past year

With your pause – feel

With your inspiration – comes excitement of the New

You are the breath of life


the breath of life is you.

kendradavissmEnjoy, Kendra