jerry-sweeten-150As I lay in bed at 3 this morning, reflecting, my body twitching as if being prodded with electrical currents, I kept coming back to yesterday’s discussion of the Kybalion with Cynthia Greer and Part 5: The Shamanic Self in Asheville.

I encountered the essence of the Kybalion in 1978 while studying for a degree in Philosophy, and there is something that resonated with me then and now.

apacheta_part5But there is something missing in that material that has begun to emerge for me. The ideal philosophy is great, but what about our humanity? The very human love and hate, joy and sadness. Simply intellectualized as polarities?

How do I translate my very human emotions and experiences into these higher vibrations of the spiritual lasagna? Certainly we do that through spending time with our mesas or in spiritual practice. How do we change our minds and mental processes?

There is an important lesson that I am learning, that maybe you all have already gotten, but I want to open the lid on a different kind of discussion.

We are Divine beings of light first. We are luminous beings that are inhabiting human form.

We are walking, talking artesian wells bubbling with life force from the vast and unknowable aquifer of Source. We are already whole. We are already perfectly Divine. We are already complete.

cosmosTHOTHSomehow we believe the Source to be ‘out there’ somewhere. But I am learning that the Beloved’s embrace is within me always. There is no, nor has there ever been any separation.

This is a fundamental remembering.

As human beings we argue for our suffering, our limitations, our shame, our separation.

Are our souls static? Of course not. Are we evolving? Yes I believe we are. It is our human experience that is helping to trigger the growth, the evolution, so that we can absorb the teachings as a dry sponge soaks up life giving water.

But like a dry sponge we resist the water at first. We stay locked in ancestral dysfunctions, old beliefs and limitation.

Cynthia said to decide, to intend to stand in the higher vibration. And I think that is valid.

And we can begin to break through the crust and I believe that is an act of will.

If I start from the place within me that is already whole to do this everything changes. A Divine Witness is birthed.

If I learn to know that place of loving awareness inside first, then I have compassion for those hurts and emotions that seem to keep me separate.

I can learn to invite those higher states of vibration in. I can learn to surrender to the thoughts of my higher mind. Judgment and negativity starts to melt and lose its hold. My ego begins to lose some of its need for control.

I believe that acknowledging and embracing the human emotions, the polarities is the way through the crust, to soak up the juice of life. Knowing and loving the polarities, the swings from that Divine core, the seat of the Divine Witness inside.

That act of surrender is empowered vulnerability. Acknowledging the truth of who I am as that Divine being is the ultimate act of will.

Embracing and loving my humanity with humor and compassion is a place to begin. The vibrations of the higher teachings can become another mental exercise unless I continue to face the dirty laundry piling up on the basement stairs.

It is this emotional maturity that will help us redirect our efforts to open to new ways of being. Embracing my illogical human failings with a kind loving compassion opens new pathways for those new states of being to emerge.

Then the words of the masters become stepping stones used along the way, and cease being distant learnings never to be realized.

Random thoughts on a Monday.

Submitted by:
Jerry Sweeten