Testimonials: What Students are Saying

“Two of Judy Hoaglund’s great gifts as a teacher are her kindness and her capacity to listen without judgement. She is incredibly knowledgable about the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, the Quechua language, the shamanic modalities and the two lineages of this tradition. Study with Judy; You’re whole life will change for the shining, empowered better!”
Allyson Seal, Santa Rosa, CA

“Nancy Beck is extremely well prepared in handling personality issues that arise in class participants. She is non-judgemental and caring to all. I appreciate learning under her leadership.”
Judy J., Spingfield, MO, 2016

“Kendra Davis is a wonderful, warm, enthusiastic teacher. Very available and above and beyond what one might expect. I have learned many practical and useful techniques and I am interested in further advanced study with Kendra.
Gina Shaw, San Diego, CA 

Thomas Mock emanates an integration of the Mesa from his own being consistent with the Four Directions, holding sacred space for all, discerning the detail of the heart work needed, and evoking Spirit so that apprentices may integrate the Mesa into their own Lifeway. Thomas builds ceremony based in love and acceptance, where past wounds and vulnerabilities may be approached in safety and as a natural part of the Journey, setting the space for healers to heal what is within as a necessary step to healing work conducted for the Greater Good.”

“I wanted to leave a review on Robin’s classes. I have been in session where Robin (Harman) was a co-leader and sessions where she is the only teacher. She is a wonderful teacher. Very knowledgeable in her subject matter and thorough. She has a plan for the general direction of the workshop and the skills she would like for us to learn. Robin provides both written materials and skills training for her students. She is an honest, compassionate and knowledgeable leader. I would take any class offered by her.”
Christie Burcher, Atlanta, GA, May 2016

My participation in the Pachakuti trainings with Tom Mock was wonder-filled. Tom brings profound knowledge and open-hearted kindness to everything he does. He is able to create a spiritual space that is inclusive of any cross cultural shamanic path a student may be pursuing.  Tom is able to weave these understandings into the greater matrix of the tradition in a respectful and a heartfelt way. Tom is able to “see” what needs doing and he is able to share this perspective with his students. He is a fabulous guide for the Pachakuti path.
Michael M.D.

“My time with Gary Langston and Carol Rydel was beyond any expectation I had of being in sacred space with them, and the teachings of this module. The wisdom of the “timing”” from HanaqPacha and the Apukunas messages and Gary’s allowing of the flowing of blessings being shown to us from the “unseen realms”, provided an exquisite weaving into our time together.  Stepping beyond the intended itinerary for “Condor’s Quest-Creating the Future” we were able to be in service the community at large and experience the “Five Virtues of the Mesa” in real time!  Gary and Carol’s adept ability as instructors, their sacred relationship with the encantos, calicantos, the mesa, the living kawsay in each moment, and their open hearts of service and love is a most beautiful expression of Ayni for this PMT tradition and our world. They are ~ Sacred Beauty Weavers!  Munay & Sulpayki Gary and Carol! ~ Apukunaq Saminchay!”
Mona Rain, PMT Practioner, Sacred Tours and Spiritual Vision Quests, Advanced Craniosacral Therapist, Boynton Beach, FL, May 2016

Robin Harman creates a sacred container in her workshops that honors every participant and creates a safe space for learning and personal healing. Robin has deep knowledge and experience with the PMT tradition and can explain concepts with sacred clarity. She is an excellent teacher, ceremonialist and healer. I highly recommend her as a PMT teacher.”
Wendy, GA, May 2016

“Kendra Davis is a perfect example for apprentices of a shaman at work and at play –  she is gifted, intuitive, and completely connected to the earth, spirit, and her own gifts and talents.  She is confident and knowledgable. She truly cares about her apprentices and is easily accessible for any questions we have or support we need. I highly recommend her as a healer and teacher.”
Linda Clark, San Diego, CA 


Thomas Mock is a sensitive and gifted healer, and my experience with him was a profound re-membering of my own wholeness. Thank you!”

Nancy Beck is a gracious and generous teacher. She has exceptional patience and is very sensitive to the needs of the group. Her ability to connect with spirit is highly appreciated.”
Tom J, Rogersville, MO, 2016

Kendra (Davis) is a skilled and compassionate light worker and healer. Working with her can help you to step up to a keener awareness and experience of your higher self. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”
Anne in LA, 2016

Teacher-testimonials-THOTH“Thank you, Kendra (Davis) for sharing your knowledge, wisdom and experience so freely. Several fine points you brought to the surface are going to be real game-changers for me as I employ them not only in front of my mesa, but in the rest of my daily life as well. You are an excellent example of what it means to be a teacher in this Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for your guidance and support.”
Terri Benning, 2016

“I am writing this letter to share my experiences with Catherine Kendra Davis. Kendra has been working with me for six years. She has worked on me as a myopractor, mesa healing and lympia. The mesa healing has always helped me reconnect body, mind and soul with renewed energy and peace of mind. Her approach is unique and her techniques help correct subtle energy blockages. Recently Kendra got a small group together to build an apacheta at my house on Palomar Mountain. It was truly a spiritual inspiration and a few days later we got 2 1/2 inches of rain that the dry mountain needed. Kendra is very knowledgeable and professional. Her intuitive nature, and unique combination of skills have been a blessing to my life, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”
Gwyn Martz, 2016

PMT_teacher-testimonials-2“You are a wonderful teacher Kendra (Davis). The clarity and simplicity by which you convey this information is beautiful. You helped answer my question perfectly, and even took me on a deeper journey of knowing my mesa even more. Thank you so much!”
Yola Dunne, 2016

Cynthia Greer provided an open weekend for all of us in attendance. She give Spirit room to work and she just flows along with it. I appreciate her ability to provide room for people to share without judgement.”
Tina R, IN

“To say that it’s been an honor and a privilege to work with Kendra (Davis) would be understating just how much she has touched my life. Truthfully, it’s been more of a wonder and a blessing. Aside from simply being a truly loving and beautiful person, Kendra has revealed herself to be a powerful healer, with so many intrinsic intuitive gifts, that I always feel safe and supported when working with her. I feel grateful to have found a person so open in sharing her knowledge, so wholly devoted to service, and so willing and patient to teach as well! I am so thankful for this dear sister, and I look forward to more work with her as I continue along my path.”
Jon DeRosa, 2016

“I have taken classes, attended ceremonies and am currently apprenticing with Kendra Davis in a group of 9 other students. Kendra has been involved in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT) for the past 10 years, but it might as well have been 25 years because she is such a deeply devoted mesa carrier and teacher. She has amazing gifts and abilities that she shares with students and clients. After my initial session with Kendra, a limpia (clearing process), which was powerful and enlightening, I was inexplicably drawn to learning more from her and becoming a Shaman in my own right. Kendra really cares about and watches out for all of her students and is readily accessible to sit with you, answer questions and clarify any information, technique or tool you have learned or would like to learn. Her teaching is straight forward and easy follow. During her classes, apprenticeship or otherwise, she offers a myriad of experiential exercises, so you not only learn from lecture, but also through actual experience. She allows you to follow her lead, but also gives enough freedom that you can add your personal flair to what you learn. This is a wonderful part of the PMT – the shamanism is cross-cultural and you are taught the foundation of the teachings, but then can add your personal style, sacred objects and methods. Her personal gifts of insight, intuition, clairsentience and connection to the earth and with “the unseen” are mind boggling and she is always willing to share and demonstrate these as well as help you to learn how to discover your own beautiful and powerful gifts. I highly recommend learning anything and everything you can from this very wise, very wonderful shaman and teacher. She is a real gem!”
Davis L. Clark, 2016

“The PMT apprenticeship was life changing with many beautiful blessings. Thomas had his fingers on my pulse throughout our work together. Wish I could do it again!”

Kendra’s (Davis) passion for the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is apparent in her depth of knowledge and the joy with which she shares it. Adding even more richness to her teaching is her wide-ranging background in studies of many spiritual traditions and energy healing modalities. Kendra has great personal integrity and is wholeheartedly committed to the continuation of the Lineage.”
Michele Davison, CA, 2016

Kendra Davis is knowledgeable, well-prepared, sensitive to the individual, and enjoyable to be with and learn from.”
Gina Shaw, 2016

Teacher Judy Hoaglund “This indigenous practice has opened a door to living with purpose. I feel so much meaning in it and awareness of the importance of healing our loving mother, pachamama.”
Vivian H, Oakland, CA, 2016

“The apprenticeship with Cynthia Greer is a living testament to the presence and support of the unseen world. I am learning to trust my imagination and intuition to provide divine guidance in a gentle and profound way. ”
Martha K, Philedelphia, PA, 2016

Baxley-teacher-testimonialsTeachers Daniel Moler and Daniel Baxley “What can I do today to make tomorrow better?” These two wonderful men are really teaching me how to make the most of this phrase. Thank you!”
Amy K., 2015

Cythina Greer is an incredible teacher, leader and human being. She made all of us feel very comfirtable and welcome. She encourages us to find our own answers by gently guiding us along the path/ I feel such a strong connection to the work and my new found ‘tribe.’ Thank you!”
Tina R. Indianapolis, IN, 10/2015

Teachers Daniel Moler and Daniel Baxley “Both of these men, my brothers, display greatness, sensitivity, and truly exceptional mastery of the shamanic arts. They embody great love for us individual and as a community. I have so much gratitude, love and respect for them.”
Anon, 2015

“This workshop was a great deal of practical as well as more esoteric information. I appreciate doing the practices and being able to continue them on my own. Kendra Davis is knowledgeable, generous and humorous.”
Gina S, Baldwin Park, CA Age 82, 2015

“As an Art Therapist I work with many different people, often looking to heal and transform trauma, loss and implicit material/experiences. This apprenticeship training provided me with clear ways of working with energy. Judy Hoaglund brings a reassuring mix of integrity and openness and much appreciated generosity with these teachings.”Thank you very much.
Nicole T., Okati, 2015

“Judy Hoaglund went above and beyond whatever expectations I had. These teachings are what our planet needs to awaken. So beautiful, powerful, and transformative. Deep deep gratitude to all the carriers of this tradition and may many awaken through the power of these teachings.”
Tanin S., Nelson B.C., 2015

PMT_Teacher_testimonials“This was a profound experience of initiation, a Call To Heal and to awaken our hearts and awareness to the unseen world. I am relatively new to shamanic work though have a strong desire to to learn – that is, to transform experientially. I left (the workshop) with an intention to practice gratitude for the Earth daily, beginning with the tree I see outside my window. Cynthia Greer is a living example of this tradition. I left feeling so blessed, so fortunate, so grateful. Thank you.”
Martha K. Philadelphia, PA, 2015

Judy Hoaglund is an incredibly knowledgeable, wise and playful teacher. She is generous with her time and very patient. I look forward to being her student for many years to come.”
Moscow, ID

Valerie (de Magdalena) and Ray (Nobriga) have fostered a community of love, trust, spirit, lightness and exploration. Their partnership is so complimentary as they spiral into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Being in this sacred hoop is an amazing opportunity.”
Mt. Shasta, CA, Autumn 2014

Gary Langston is a gifted teacher who allows the perfection of the moment to guide him in his delivery of the material.”
N. Beck, Ashland, MO

“The Pachakuti Mesa apprenticeship led by Robin Harman and Bruce Pemberton is a transformation and life-altering experience. Students learn an amazing path to Spirit through wisdom teachings, loving ceremonies, personal connections, and facilitated growth experiences. There is a deep sense of unconditional acceptance, which encourages an individual and collection evolution. My heart has never been filled with so much joy and gratitude.”
Lisa Wiggins, Roswell, GA

“I feel was a very high vibration and a deep sense of gratitude for all the effort Daniel Moler puts into preparing the class and materials. I can see it is a labor of Love and a life style. It was also interesting to see how the other participants have grown and changed from the last weekend. How they are becoming more open and confident. How some are healing. How their Mesas are evolving. This experience is truly life changing for everyone involved.”
John R., KS, MO

Daniel Moler is a great mentor. He uses humor and with in his teachings, which are easy to follow and fun at the same time. He has a light heart and a strong dedication to this path of service. I loved the smells, the space, the energy, the stillness and the long walk in the woods.”
February 2015

Daniel (Moler) is an excellent teacher and of supreme service to us all!”
February 2015

“There is a depth and wealth of experiential understanding, wisdom and compassion that comes through in all of the work I have done with Judy (Hoaglund) in the PMT series. I offer many thanks to Judy for giving so much of herself through this powerful tradition during our weekend apprenticeships.”
Terri Bennings, 2015, Santa Rosa, CA

Judy Hoaglund is an amazing teacher who embodies a truly empowered presence in her work with her students. ”
Fresno, CA Spring 2014

“Being in the class with Cynthia Greer was one of the most profound experiences of my life.”
Asheville, NC Spring 2014

Garry Caudill and Paula Givan are creative, open, grounded, approachable, complimentary and masterful weavers. I am deeply grateful for the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition teachings.” Boulder, CO Spring 2014

RAY.-VALRay Nobriga and Valerie de Magdalena embody authentic loving attentiveness, mastery of the material and a deep commitment to our learning. They live the tradition. And they have created an inspired community among us.”
Mt. Shasta Summer 2014

Robin Harman and Bruce Pemberton exemplify the profound beauty and transformative power of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. They provide their students with a deep and rich understanding of the tradition. “
Atlanta, GA Summer 2014

“I highly suggest embarking on the profound journey of the PMT Apprenticeship! This year-long “course” will change your life for the better; you will learn a great deal about yourself and look upon life with a deeper appreciation and universal understanding. Daniel’s passion, knowledge, and true love for the PMT exudes thru his teachings. His combination of teaching styles, tools, and interactive activities will keep you captivated throughout the year and sharply educate you on this divine lineage. The love and support you will receive from Daniel (Moler) will touch upon your soul. His pure love for the work that he does and his overall compassion for his students is second to none.”
Taryn Kelly, KS

“I feel so much gratitude for the experience of engaging in the PMT apprenticeship and having the opportunity of learning the traditions of this beautiful path. Daniel (Moler) imparted information in a way that was both personal and understandable; he was in service to his students providing support, clarification, and assistance during and outside of the apprenticeship weekends. I found the journeys, ceremonies, and rituals to be deeply effective and meaningful. Daniel has equal abilities of teaching and of practice; he is an example of one who truly lives the Great Work.”
Amy Cheung, KS

“It is clear that teaching the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is Daniel Baxley’s life calling. He is a powerful and compassionate teacher. “
Liberty, MO Summer 2014

More Testimonials from PMT Students:

“In my practice, I try to bring together mind/body/spirit in a healing session, both for the client and for myself. Therefore, I find the mesa integral to my work. Having recovered from PTSD myself, I am especially interested in working with clients who have emotional/spiritual issues that they want to integrate.”
Jean Zagrodnik, Certified Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher, San Diego, CA

“I have spent many years studying healing practices (reiki, massage therapy, lomi lomi, consegrity energy mirrors) and find the [Pachakuti Mesa Tradition] is filling in the missing pieces of ceremony and ritual which lift, cleanse and heal at a very deep level. I highly recommend this work.”
Kathleen Strand

“I am on an incredible journey that is led by a higher power. I give thanks to the wisdom I gain. Your highest good is attained on this journey! There is incredible healing on this journey!”
Celina R. Ricks, Paralegal, Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner, Fruita, CO

“I want to thank don Oscar for sharing his Indigenous knowledge and ceremony through our teacher D’oro. The bringing forward of ancient teachings and lineages to modern times is essential for maintaining and healing of Mother Earth and Her creatures. This training will help me to disseminate these ways. It will continue to aide me in my own quest for personal healing and growth.”
Ronald W. Madson, Educator, Artist, Brooklyn, NY

“Becoming a mesa carrier and feeling the link up of the oneness of life. I am amazed at the deep link up of the world that I am now aware of and feel the pulse of the world.”
Pam Hess, Massage Therapist, Overland Park, KS

PMT_Teacher_testinmonials“The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition is the perfect balance of structure and emptiness. Like a good jazz rhythm section – a beat for us to express our own melodies. The unseen speaks louder to me than all I have learned from words. The experiences I have had participating in this apprenticeship makes the words of my beliefs come alive and dance before me.”
Brett Nichols, Prairie Village, KS

“The entire Pachakuti Mesa Tradition apprenticeship is soul-inspiring, mind expanding and physically relaxing.”
Tina VanRaden, Data Manager, Lake Lotawana, MO

“Unlike many teachings I have experienced, there is present in this [Pachakuti Mesa] tradition to share it in a powerful two-way flow of energy that allows each of us to be truly present and to be honored as full participants in the journey.”
Rosanna Murphrey, Kansas City, MO

“This apprenticeship has been the journey of a lifetime. I have never experienced so many life changing events and feel them with so much acceptance, humility and joy. My life is forever changed and I am overflowing with gratitude!”
Rae Anna Moler, School Psychologist

“It is not only about the teachings and the lessons that have made this time special – it is also about community. We are building a community that is conscious and awake – ready to serve with a joyful, open heart! We are aware of our greater Mesa community and prepared and ready to commune with our mountain, receive our message and take it out to the world.”
Thomas Ward Lynch, Marketing and Sales, Kansas City, MO

“I was called to the apprenticeship – timing and opportunity just fell into place. I had no idea what to expect. This weekend has pulled all these experiences together. My vision of my life, my purpose is clearer. I have learned to trust myself, spirit, and guidance. I am not the same person who started this apprenticeship. There is a richness to my life and relationships. The loving acceptance of community has awakened my desire to be of service to all.”
Ginny Farney, Registered Nurse (Hospice), Prairie Village, KS

“My journey and my current energetic struggles and questions have been illuminated and clarified. I feel more awake to the process and attuned to the presence and guidance of the natural and unseen worlds. I feel supported by the teachings, the beautiful medicine work and the LOVE! A weekend of heartfelt initiations and joy.”
Diane Davis Reed, Teacher, Guide, Counselor, Visionary Leader, Parkville, MO

“For anyone who has been feeling out of touch with deeper aspects of their self and wants to really reconnect with Nature and his/her TRUE place in this world at this pivotal time for humanity, the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (which is based on millenniums of Andean cultural and mystical traditions) is a unique and profound opportunity to re-Member who you are and why we are here together at this profound time. It will help you to find peace and transmit that to others.”
Monica Karaba, PMT Graduate

“This was a cosmic homecoming of re-membering my connection to the past, present and future of humanity and Mother Earth.”
Rachel B. Frauenholz, Squaw Valley, CA

“This weekend really reached me in places that have been closed off for so long. As I’ve been coming back into my own, more of my ancestry is awakened. I can finally make more sense of it.”
Debby Rising, Computer Systems Engineer, Sacramento, CA

“It is a privilege and an honor to participate and be part of the sacredness shared in these teachings. I am filled and nurtured with so much – it’s not easy to put into words. Reverence and love go beyond what’s common in any other classes. I can’t wait for more and more and more!”
Leticia Montiel, DCH, Clinical Hypnotherapist

“This course helped me gain an experiential understanding of the power in giving ideas form through ritual. Utilizing our inner energies, desires, and imaginations to project healing into the world must be the first step in bringing humanity back into balance and reciprocity with the Mother. The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition has provided a vehicle to accomplish this.”
Mark Wardle, Logan, UT

Shamanism was a beautiful experience that opened my mind to the systematic harmony of the universe. I’ve never learned so much about myself. The meditation practices changed my life in ways my mind can’t even comprehend. Before this experience, I thought that the world was out to get me. Now I know that what I desire, the universe conspires in helping me to achieve it. I used to gaze down at the ground, but now I’m noticing the beauty of the world around me. This experience opened my mind more than I ever thought possible. I wish that everyone could experience the respectful Pachakuti Mesa Tradition to enter into the realm of self-awareness, connection and spirituality.”
Kayla Aiken, USU Secretary, Employee & Student, Logan, UT

“Becoming a Pachakuti Mesa carrier has been a life changing experience. I have learned how to honor all things & have re-membered the sacredness in all life. Cynthia is an amazing curandera & teacher. Thank you!”
Courtney Smith, Wellness Consultant, Asheville, NC

Judy (Hoaglund) is a phenomenal teacher. As a 10-year PMT mesa carrier, I have to say that this apprenticeship series and her ability to share this information increased my understanding ten-fold. My mesa is charged as never before and I am inspired to take my work with it to a whole new level.”
Cat Petru, Massage Therapist and Energy Worker, Sonoma, CA

“The Call to Heal was a powerful and profound experience. Cynthia Greer is an exceptional teacher whose loving energy and enthusiasm radiates in bright waves of light and love. The group who gathered for the weekend formed a close bond in our sacred circle, which I cherish and deeply respect and honor. I don’t exaggerate when I say that my life has changed profoundly because of all that occurred during the weekend. I am truly grateful to each and every beautiful soul show shared in the experience. What an extraordinary journey we are on! With deepest munay.”
Gannon Carr, Reiki Master, Valle Crucis, NC

“The dancing, physical movement, healing the heart, getting out of my head & speaking from my heart. [Gary Langston] helps us bond as an ayllu, encourages us to continue getting together, to take right action – always in service of love. The PMT training has helped me release and heal many issues.”
Andrea Goodheart, Reiki & Pranic Healer, Columbia, MO

“Finding the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and participating in this apprenticeship has transformed my life. I am very grateful for the opportunity to complete the 5-part training program.”
Caro Dellenbaugh, Former School Administrator, Brattleboro, VT

Cynthia Greer’s “The Call to Heal” workshop taught me many helpful things about the Pachakuti Mesa, even though I’ve been a mesa carrier for years. Her teaching is clear, heartfelt, gentle, compassionate and powerful. A key insight I gained during our shamanic journey was worth my attendance all by itself! I highly recommend The Call to Heal, and Cynthia as a teacher, to anyone wishing to deepen their shamanic path and personal growth.”
Benjamin Bernstein, AstroShaman (Astrologer & Shaman), Asheville, NC

“The Mesa is a life changing experience and may many people discover the same so that their lives are lived fully and happy.”
Laurisa Brandcamp, NY

“The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship has been, for me, a bridge between my naturalism world view and my longing for a deeper connection with All of Being. It gave me room for imagination, symbols and metaphors to integrate the seen and the unseen within my mind and in my heart. It’s foundation in “Ayni”, sacred reciprocity, has given me a path for greater vitality of self and service. The knowledge and practice of becoming a Mesa Carrier, along with the support of my dear fellow travelers, has been a powerful transforming experience…the bridge I had been looking for.”
Lindsey W.