Announcing The Heart of the Healer Alliance!

Beloved Community Members:


We are delighted to announce that The Heart of The Healer Foundation is changing its name to The Heart of the Healer Alliance. This change reflects the dawn of a new day for the organization, and our unwavering commitment to supporting the very best education and apprenticeships in the shamanic arts.

The word ‘Alliance’ reflects our focus on collaborating with groups and individuals who are aligned with our mission to provide transformative education and apprenticeships in the shamanic arts as well as eco-spiritual travel opportunities to Sipapu, our retreat center in the Southern Amazon, and other power-spots in South America.

In a few days we will be launching the new Heart of the Healer Alliance website, which will serve as the destination for the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition as well as other Oscar Miro-Quesada programming and eco-spiritual travel. All the information once found on the Mesaworks website will be brought under the umbrella of the new site.

On behalf of THOTH Alliance founder, Oscar Miro-Quesada, the staff, and Board of Directors, we are deeply grateful for each of you. We look forward to co-creating a positive and vibrant future where our Sacred Medicine is made ever more available.

In sacred relationship,

Jeff Schmitt, PhD.
Board Chair, THOTH